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Running For Hope

Learn how you can start your morning off right while ALSO helping Anchorage’s homeless population.

“The act of running in the early morning over a certain length of time helps to build good habits and discipline,” said the founder of Running for Hope, Brenda Noble. “Then, in turn, it helps people in homelessness become more stable.”

Running For Hope is a not for profit organization that works directly with women experiencing homelessness who seek shelter at the Downtown Hope Center. It has been up and going since 2019 and has been able to help countless women to set goals and achieve them through early morning runs. These runs push women to go father, faster, and be consistent; lessons that help them in every other area of their lives.

This month, Aline Alaska Chiropractic is collecting cold weather running gear for this amazing program. They are in need of gently used shoes, socks, thin gloves, hats, fleece lined cold-weather leggings or insulated jackets. We will have a bin available in our treatment room for you to drop off until December 30th. All donations will be gifted a sample pack of doTerra Deep Blue lotion to try out after your next workout.

Read more about Running For Hope HERE or check out their Facebook Page HERE